10/16/2014 - DANGEROUS SECRETS is now out! happy reading!

9/17/2014 - My new book 'DANGEROUS SECRETS' will be out by or in October!

7-14-2014 - Still working on my third book. Some of the characters from the first book are in my third book. So if you like the characters from 21 Black Roses then you'll like this book too! I am also hoping to work on some book signings soon. I will keep you posed on any updates.

4-30-2014 - My second book Ossuary Campground is now out! Happy reading!

4-05-2014 My book should be available on line by the end of the month!

4-04-2014 - Just had my first Author / Reader session tonight with A local book club. It went great! They loved my book and can't wait to read the second one. My new book "Ossuary Campground" is coming out soon. 

1/31/2014  - MY SECOND BOOK IS NOW FINISHED! I am now going through the editing process. I am so excited about this book! I have learned so much from writing the first book, which has made this second one, ten times better! I can't wait for you to read it! 


11/19/2013 - My second book is coming right along! 

10/24/2013 - i've been working on my second book. I am up to chapter 14. i Really think you will like this one, even better than 21 Black Roses!

9/18/2013 - 21 Black Roses - My book can now be found through Xlibris (my publisher's website), Barnes and Nobles and Amazon. Thank you to all of those that have shown your support and excitement for my book!

9/13/2013 - 21 Black Roses - FINALLY! My book will be available in 5 business days on my publishers website. www.xlibris.com/Bookstore. You can search using my name, book title, keywords or select a catagory.
It will also be available through www.BarnesandNobles.com,www.Amazon.com and about 2500 other online retailers within the next 6-8 weeks.
E-book format will be available for sale within 4-6 weeks. 

8/20/2013 - 21 Black Roses - I have just given my final approval for my book cover! Now time to work on the inside! 

8/15/2013 - 21 Black Roses - My book is now in production, which means my publisher and I are putting it together to get it ready for publication. WOW! Everything is moving right along and so fast, I can hardly believe it!

8/12/2013 - 21 Black Roses  - I have found a publishing company! My book should be out in a few months. I am very excited and cannot wait. It will be coming out on Amazon, Barnes & Nobles and several other places as well. I will keep you informed as to it's progress and where to look for it. Thank you, to all of you that have e-mailed me and shown your support and interest in my book.

7/29/2013 - 21 Black Roses - I am hoping to have this book out soon. I will keep you updated on it's progress. 

I am currently working on a second book that I think you will love. This one is even more suspenseful than 21 Black Roses! Don't miss it! Stayed tuned for updates!